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Jasper lives and breaths film and has done since he was 8, at that age he trained for 8 years at the Theatre Royal, in those years he decided that film was his path, making countless surreal, silly and emotional films at home as an only child. His first film was a stop-motion animation and his second film was a documentary that ended up getting into a Dublin's Cinemagic Film Festival at the age of 13, after years of failing endlessly at school he left at 17 and began working full-time in the industry. He manged to work his way up fast from runner to film team at Rankin's production company then he began to second unit direct globally for Rankin taking him to LA, NY, Rome...while also directing tones of low-budget creative music videos with underground bands and being awarded the Random Acts program where his film was featured at the ICA, he signed for the first time as a director at the age of 19, directing commercials with brands like FLOYD SUITCASES, FARAH, JÄGERMEISTER, AIBNB, BASS, TARGET (Second Unit), Disney...His work has been featured in The Face, Rolling Stone, Hunger, BFI, Boiler Room TV, Channel 4, Vogue Italy to name a few...with one of his videos gaining over 21 million views. Then suddenly having to spend a year in bed after an eye accident and transplant and now is writing his first feature film about eyes and blindness. 

His methods feature a surreal, and often humourous tone, while staying focused on following a narrative. 


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